What Can You Wear To A Dinner Cruise

What To Wear To Dinner Cruise Parties

What is more exciting than joining a dinner party? Joining a dinner cruise, of course!

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Wait a minute. What exactly are you going to wear? Will the normal pair of jeans and a graphic Tee be alright? Or should you slip into something better-suited for a boat party?

It all depends on what kind of function you are having, what season you are hoping to have it in, and what you plan to do throughout. As a popular organizer of breathtakingly perfect dinner cruises Vancouver BC, we have a set of tips and tricks that may come handy no matter what type of party ideas you have in mind.

Flowing Dresses And Gowns

There is nothing that compliments you better on a fancy dining cruise than a magical gown, flowing like a cascade around you. With the strong wind blowing and the cold air cutting through the breeze, a flowing gown will enclose you in a secure embrace.

These can fit nicely to any yacht party Vancouver, adding elegance and color to the occasion. Last but not least, a flowing gown will allow you to wear flat shoes, because the thick folds of the dress will cover your feet. Heels on a yacht cruise can be a disaster; therefore a flowing gown with matching flats will be your go-to safe haven.

Dress Shirts With Slacks

Being a man, getting dressed up for a dinner boat cruise Vancouver BC seems to be a real challenge.

Or maybe you are just overthinking it.

A nice pair of slacks and a comfortable and classy dress shirt can do wonders. As long as it is not a formal function, you can style-in with a bow-tie, a necktie, brooches, or shirt suspenders. A good jacket can be a classy addition to improve the look, and also keep you warm throughout the journey. Leather shoes would do, because simplicity has sexiness in it that everybody will love to see in a man.

Shirt Dresses and Mini Dresses

If your plan is to get on board dinner cruises Vancouver in summer evenings, chances are that a heavy, detailed gown would only be an added burden. Mini dresses are sassy, comfortable, and daring. With the live music to crank it up a notch, you can dance yourself away in confidence in a beautiful mini dress and some simple earrings to accessorize it with.

As heels are not the most promising thing to wear on a sunset dinner cruises, you can style your look with flat shoes; ranging from simple sandals, slip-ons and moccasins to gladiators and ballet flats.

Dinner Cruise Out Fits


Before you go for a sophisticated men’s suit, make sure that the boat cruise you are attending is formal enough to handle one. For a casual sunset cruise in the beautiful Pacific Ocean, wearing a suit will definitely be a double-cringe. However, if the dress code accepts suits to be appropriate, you in a refined tuxedo will be eye-candy to everyone.


If the big day on the cruise is a corporate gathering or a formal occasion, coming in office wear is the safest move. For women, blouses, trousers, slacks, pencil skirts, blazers and matching flat office wear shoes will do the job. Carry yourself with the usual business confidence minus the heels, and you will be fine.

Formalwear for men can be picked from a range of suits and tuxedos.

Loose Bling Dresses

Adding a little sparkle to your outlook, loose dresses with sequins and shiny patterns can fit nicely to a party. Especially, if you are hiring a Christmas dinner boat cruise Vancouver, a sparkly sequined dress will be thematically appropriate too!

Comfort, after all, should come first. Choose a simple yet glamorous dress you can easily slip into and move around comfortably in; throughout the Christmas dinner and dance.

Linen Wear

You can never make a mistake in linen clothing!

The fabric is extremely comfy, breathable, soft and blithe. Anything made of linen would increase your confidence and comfort levels tremendously, regardless of which gender you are. Cruising to a naturally breathtaking spot in Vancouver wrapped in pleasing linen wear can make a huge difference to your overall experience.


Khaki is comfort, style, boldness, and seductiveness rolled into one. Khaki shorts, shirts, jackets, pants and accessories can add a sultry vibe to your journey.

If you are to rent a yacht dinner Vancouver BC, it is better to take the weather condition, appropriateness, themes and entertainment options into consideration before you grab the most suited attire for the big night. You can do a trial dressing-up before you get on board to prepare yourself better.

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