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A great cruise rental service is always defined by its integrity, affordability and luxury. Vancouver Yacht Charters has a lot of amazing perks in it that will invite you right over to enjoy a luxury cruise. As one of the pioneers in providing Vancouver cruise rental services, our company has been doing a remarkable job since 1990. Decades of excellence has made us experts in what we do, which is why many who want to throw a party or go on a trip in style contact Vancouver Yacht Charters before they contact anyone else. It will also be greatly cost-efficient, for we offer all-inclusive cruising packages regardless of the size of your crowd or the different services you require.

Our Story

Vancouver Yacht Charters has been the center of attention ever since the notion of cruising in Vancouver became popular. Our yachts rental service was founded in 1990, and the small step we took has become a gigantic leap forward today. Our cruise rental Vancouver is family owned – which is why it becomes more of a companion than a company to you. The close attention we pay to each customer allows us to understand the landscape of Vancouver cruise rental and how the customers want it. With each step we take, we blend the best features of our best cruise sessions with the next one. The final outcome is an excellently planned and perfectly implemented cruise that everyone aboard will love evenly.

Our Menu

As a Vancouver cruise rental company that has the approval of Transport Canada, we take pride in organizing cruises that are flawless and elegant. One of the best facts about Vancouver Yacht Charters that keeps it elevated among other cruise rental services is that we have a menu to be extra proud of. It is our pleasure and passion to keep you full and sated throughout the trip. When it comes to our menu, you can customize, innovate and indulge all you want!

Our Yacht Rental Services

  • Public Christmas Cruises – Get ready to party hard and party safe with Vancouver Yacht Charters this Christmas on a Christmas cruise full of laughter, joy and delicious treats.
  • Birthday Party Cruises –Our yachts rental Vancouver is the ideal mode of celebrating birthdays! Either gift a birthday party cruise to someone you love, or gift one to yourself!
  • Corporate Dinner Cruises –As a Vancouver cruise rental service that organizes perfect corporate dinner cruises; either formal or informal, Vancouver Yacht Charters will supply everything starting from fancy meals and groovy music.
  • Wedding CruisesOur cruise rental Vancouver can guarantee a wedding ceremony filled with exuberance, charm and romance; just everything you have been dreaming it to be.
  • Christmas CruisesThere is never anything more life-giving than your family. Hop aboard our Vancouver Christmas cruise to celebrate the season of giving and sharing. If you could ever give or share anything, a perfect Christmas cruise by Vancouver Yacht Charters will be the best gift.
  • Bowen Island Day Trips – Step into a fun island filled with awesome hiking and biking trails that will make you forget every pain in life. Sign up with our yachts rental Vancouver for the best island trip you will go on.
  • Fireworks Cruises –Our Vancouver cruise rental service organizes an entrancing journey to the mystic world of fireworks, which is one of the most popular cruises planned by our yachts rental service.

Rent A Yacht in Vancouver With Us

  • Confident in taking you in cruises and helping you enjoy the experience to the fullest
  • Renowned as an experienced Vancouver cruise rental service
  • Affordably priced to fit your budget, so that everyone will have something to sign up for
  • Considerate in our customer service
  • Known as one of the few yacht charters Vancouver who host a wide range of events

#1 Yacht Charter Vancouver

We have a talented chef aboard with us to prepare gourmet dishes and delicacies just for you.

Vancouver Yacht Charters is the perfect destination cruise if you are looking for an entertaining trip as well as a magnificent view.

Our yachts rental service guarantees the lowest prices and the best quality. You can always talk to our professionals at Vancouver Yacht Charters about different packages.

As an expert in the industry, our cruise rental Vancouver will be fully responsible for keeping you safe during the tour.

We have a tantalizing menu that you will love tasting, and despite the occasion, our food will always save the day.

Hop On Board Now

Our Vancouver cruise rental service is within finger’s reach, all you have to do is to call us or drop a message. We will get back to you instantly with more details. Joining Vancouver Yacht Charters will make you the coolest in the bunch, and also give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience that nobody else can ever offer. Hop aboard today to feel the difference.

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