Top 5 Corporate Party Event Ideas For Your Vancouver Business

Corporate Party

Did you finally decide to quit boring restaurant events and banquet parties and look for something more exciting for your next corporate party? Better late than never, so kudos to you! 

A yacht party is a perfect alternative. More than perfect, to be honest. However, the most challenging portion of choosing to rent a yacht is to decide a theme to go with. A simple Disney theme would work for a kid’s birthday, but corporate party events are much harder to organize. The different tastes of the participants make it quite difficult for you to pick a theme. 

You could be thinking of a fun team-building getaway or a simple rewarding ceremony. In any case, here are some of the most inspiring theme ideas you can consider without hesitation.

Five Genius Themes That Can Get Any Corporate Party On A Yacht Going

Hawaiian Luau Party

Aloha to the most vibrant party ever! Hawaiian themes never go out of style, but it just becomes a million times better when you are actually sailing! You can customize everything the way you want; with colourful leis, coconut shell drinkware, luau decors and exotic cocktails. Your guests can cruise through the West Vancouver shoreline in abundant, carefree joy while grooving to wonderful Hawaiian music. 

With the sun in your hair and the ocean breeze against your cheeks, there is nothing that relaxes you better.

Rent a yacht with us this season and give your employees, coworkers or clients a fun-filled day to remember. You can opt to arrange sunset dinner cruises in Hawaiian style too, with vivid tropical decorations and glowing string lights.


Gambling might be frowned upon, but a couple of friendly poker rounds among coworkers won’t hurt anyone! Do a full-on Vegas theme with the copious drinks, dance music, blackjack, craps, roulette and more. Instead of gambling on money, you can add a unique twist by offering fun little gifts to those who win. Our yacht rental is all about bringing joy to the customers. 

Keep gambling aside, you will get to enjoy the bountiful bliss of partying the night away in true Vegas style. Here, Vancouver dinner cruises are open to customization, which makes it really easy for you to tone down or spice up your Casino themed party.

Are murder mysteries overdone?

Possibly in hotels, house parties and boring old banquets. Nevertheless, the thrill of a murder mystery theme intensifies when you are in a moving vessel overlooking the ocean. When the night settles in, your guests can participate in the mission to capture the culprit! In addition to being a great bonding activity, a murder mystery is also an exciting mind-game that will keep everybody occupied. Luckily, our sunset dinner cruises happen to provide the perfect setting and mood for one too.

Speaking of the perfect setting, you might possibly have thought that a larger facility would fit better. In truth, there is nothing that suits better than a yacht for a murder mystery party. The confined space provides a note of seclusion that is perfect for a private yet successful murder mystery event.

Corporate Party Dinner Cruise

Seasonal Events

Corporate party events have a pattern of being organized either when a fiscal quarter starts or when it ends. This means that the seasonal change is quite prominently relatable. Each season provides us with a marvellous opportunity of applying a theme.

Yacht rental during spring can be planned to go with easter or urban safari themes, while carnival or camping themes go pretty well with the summer. Autumn has some great options like Halloween, Oktoberfest and country themed parties. The traditional Christmas theme is a to-go idea most people stick to, but you can also arrange your party to resonate with really exciting winter woods, holiday or fire and ice themes.

Each season brings with it some party-worthy specialties. You can mix and match features to make it appropriate for a corporate party event. However, our Vancouver dinner cruises can be arranged to fit your liking, because the happiness of your guests is all that matters at the end of the day.

You Are In A Yacht Anyway!

If the budget and time restrict you from planning a themed party, or you need to keep it simple, or you are just lazy; don’t have a theme at all! A yacht rental in Vancouver itself is an exciting, novel idea that will be an unforgettable experience for your guests. A boat cruise is a concept itself, therefore involuntarily acts as a great theme. Our sunset dinner cruises have become one of the most sought party venues in all of Canada. This is why you can have a blast anyway, regardless of the absence of themes, decorations, costumes and props.

The seasonal demand for Vancouver Yacht Charters is ever so high. Contact us now to rent a yacht and enjoy a host of benefits and limited discounted prices!

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