Sunset Dinner Cruises Vancouver

Sunset Dinner Cruises

If you have seen Vancouver, you already know how mystic the city is. When the sun goes down, the city is flooded with a pool of light, a million little stars blinking in the sky, and the nightlife buzzing in street corners. Being a part of the city’s hustle and bustle will be amazing, but witnessing it from a distance will be a whole other level of awesomeness.

Seeing Vancouver from a hotel room window in this perfect time of the day does not compare to the fantabulous view you get from a cruise floating on water. Sipping on the bliss of champagne from a luxurious yacht when twilight embraces the world, you will see why nothing beats this. This is why sunset dinner cruises are overtly popular among everyone that lives in Vancouver or comes to visit.

Vancouver Yacht Charters will keep you informed about everything you need to know about our heavenly dinner cruises Vancouver. If you plan on giving yourself and your guests a little treat that will never be forgotten, our sunset dinner cruises in Vancouver are the perfect way to do it.

Sunset Dinner Cruises

Sunsets in Vancouver happen to be too magnificent to ignore! Vancouver Yacht Charters hosted sunset dinner cruises for over 30 years, delighting customers from all over the world. Our dinner cruises Vancouver have a great list of delights specially arranged for you.

  • We are cautious of how many guests we allow on board because the quality of experience solely depends on the capacity of the sunset dinner cruises. A romantic sunset cruise is best savored in tranquility, whereas a birthday dinner cruise requires a frolic team to crank it up a notch. You name it; we have it!
  • Hands down, our sunset dinner cruises have the best food a Vancouver yacht service has ever offered in the entire history of cruising in Canada! Prepare to be amazed by how perfect our slow-roasted beef slices are, and by how bursting with creamy texture, our baked salmon is.
  • You’ve got vegetarians on board? Everything starting from our hot vegan curried penne pasta to our fresh cut seasonal fruits will be a delight for them.

Vancouver Yacht Charters’ sunset dinner cruises feature a handpicked menu, and each succulent dish will be freshly-prepared by a star rated chef on board.

Sunset Dinner Cruises Vancouver
  • The entrancing vista of the city beyond will be the best thing about our dinner cruises Vancouver. The sunset will melt in a buttery haze from the Western horizon, and the breathtaking views will treat your eyes of the cute and colorful floating houses, the majestic Lions Gate Bridge, and the vibrancy of the city of lights. Sunset dinner cruises will be sure to give you some mind-blowing backdrops for some insane photographs. If nothing else, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of all that is around you.
  • Entertainment options in our dinner cruises Vancouver are diverse and original. From live music to DJ beats, we have everything you need to get any party started. Sunset dinner cruises are a popular choice of couples, which is why we have included romantic dinner specials with soothing music and candlelit tables to set the mood. Based on whom you have in your guest list, we can offer a variety of entertainment options for the sunset dinner cruises we organize.
  • The one thing that makes our dinner cruises Vancouver so special is that you will not get this experience from elsewhere. Seeing Vancouver from the streets, from hotel windows or from city squares, does not compare to the exhilarating sensation of seeing it from a cruise. If you see Vancouver once from our sunset dinner cruises, you will surely be counting days for a second experience.
  • What sets our sunset dinner cruises apart is the quality of service. We consider it an absolute necessity to treat our guests with respect, kindness, and courtesy. As a customer-centered company, Vancouver Yacht Charters designs our sunset dinner cruises to be defined by the most heartfelt gestures and friendly manners. We have a staff that will take full responsibility for your safety. Everything will be catered to you at the right time. Prepare to be amazed by the warmth with which our sunset dinner cruises will serve you.

All these and more will be available at greatly affordable rates in Vancouver Yacht Charters. It is never too late to try the best dinner cruises Vancouver, because life is all about making great memories, no matter how old you are.
Call us today to reserve the best sunset dinner cruises for any occasion you have in mind. Vancouver Yacht Charters will make sure you receive the getaway of your dreams.

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