The Specialty Of Vancouver Yacht Rentals

Specialty Of Vancouver Yacht Charters

Everything About The Specialty Of Vancouver Yacht Charters

It is not just the experience of sailing that stands out as specialty of Vancouver Yacht Charters. We have a lot more to offer. After reading this guide on the specialty of Vancouver Yacht Charters and our options offered here, you will certainly fall in love with the idea of cruising.

Being treated with delicious food and delicacies during the cruise is the best feeling ever. The beauty of the Pacific Ocean, the luxury of the boat, and the mouthwatering goodness of food will combine to create the journey of a lifetime. In addition to the complimentary dishes, you can choose from a list of delectable favorites.

Vancouver Yacht Charters is now offering you a “specialty dining” experience; featuring high-luxury sunset cruises with customized menus. Courtesy of the exceptional staff, your individual requirements will be met.  If your budget allows you a little extravagance, specialty of Vancouver Yacht Charters dining is definitely a must-try. The beautiful views will surround you in a peaceful dock bathed in the moonlight. Cocooned in a private niche of luxury, you can enjoy a magical evening arranged specially and only for you.

Exclusive Dining Experience

When you rent a yacht Vancouver, you will be guaranteed a wholesome dining experience. The main buffet will be freshly-prepared and arranged to delight your taste buds. Snacks, delicacies, desserts, and beverages can be decided to suit the occasion and your preference. For a more personal experience, you can opt to book a specialty dining cruise with a fully pampered meal on board. Featuring everything from simple vegetarian salads to fancy dishes of smoked salmon; our menu will be an absolute delight.

Basics Of Hiring Our Party Boats Vancouver

You need to pick the menu before you hop on board. Every reservation comes with an array of options for personalizing the entire party boat.

There is a mouthwatering menu of the best dishes. You can choose between different options based on your taste. We arrange a luscious buffet with freshly prepared meals and desserts.

With no dress codes or strict rules, our cruises allow you to be yourselves during the whole time. You can choose to wear something appropriate for the occasion. Just make sure to avoid heavy, uncomfortable clothing and high heels.

True luxury sure does come from pampering. You can opt to request waiter services instead of a buffet. Each one of the waiter staff is friendly, professional, and well-mannered.

We sail through the West Vancouver shoreline in a picturesque journey. You will constantly find yourself caught up in the beauty of the view.

How Much Does It Cost?

An exuberant cruise through the north shore would usually cost a lot. Vancouver Yacht Charters introduces specialty dining alongside live music and breathtaking views of the city skyline for affordable prices. Our dinner cruises feature flat rates based on the headcount. You can pay for the number of attendees, which will be a huge financial advantage.

Vancouver Yacht Charters will not charge for food, beverages, dockage, and services. An estimated quote of all the payments will be provided beforehand to avoid any misconceptions. You can manage your budget from beginning to end, as our straightforward approach saves you from surprise charges.

Packages Of Service

Luxury is a universally craved feeling. We believe that it could be delivered at an affordable price.

When it comes to diversity of options; our yacht rental service is a pro. The real specialty of Vancouver yacht charters in comparison to other yacht rental services is that you can choose from a variety of packages that are designed to fit every palate, occasion, and crowd. We offer equally enchanting experiences, no matter whether your occasion is a wedding, party, or formal gathering. You can watch the sun slowly disappear into the faraway horizon while sipping champagne with whoever you please.

Booking your reservation ahead of time can give you plenty of days to plan the perfect getaway. Not only do we provide the venue, but also offer great assistance in planning your dream party. With all the burdens of cleaning up after the party off the shoulders, you can disappear into the Pacific in perfect ease. Comfort and safety are 100% guaranteed. We will make you wonder why you did not consider hiring yacht rentals earlier.

Dine-in Luxury With Us

Our cruise ships are simply the epitome of quality entertainment, luxury, and convenience. The specialty dining cruises we have can host small to medium-sized events. Every journey is a blend of ecstatic experiences you can get from nowhere else. Luxury dining at our dinner cruises will present you with an opportunity that will impress the heart out of your guests.

So, why spend extra on booking venues when you can party in style with the specialty cruising services here? The menu will simply blow your mind, while the friendly service will make you feel at home. Contact our team right now to find out more!

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