Small Group Yacht Parties

Small Group Yacht Parties Vancouver

Small groups of 15 to 100 people

Sometimes, we need to have some alone time with our loved ones. A loud party with a swarming crowd is not everyone’s cup of tea. Vancouver Yacht Charters is one of the leading organizers of small group dinner cruises Vancouver, bringing you a fresh and unbeatable experience out in the sea breeze with the few people you admire most.

Do you want to bring your birthdays, bar mitzvahs, graduation parties, corporate meetings, anniversaries, weddings and other celebrations on board? Our small group yacht parties Vancouver will allow you to have mouthfuls of yummy food and armfuls of joy! Vancouver yacht parties for small groups will be personal, customized and totally focused on you. There is nothing better than the feeling of being pampered by a professional staff.

Small Group Yacht Parties Vancouver

Finest Small Dinner Cruises Vancouver

A small dinner cruise must be cosy, personal and comforting. The whole point of having small yacht parties Vancouver is to enjoy the bliss of privacy and closeness. The guests you decide to bring will have the time of their lives if you choose the right options of entertainment. Vancouver Yacht Charters can be the party planner, cruise rental service and afterparty cleaning service come together in one.

Pros Of Our Vancouver Dinner Cruises

  • Enjoy the lowest prices in town for Vancouver dinner cruises. We charge per head, and offer the best packages to suit your requirements for food, entertainment and relaxation.
  • Vancouver yacht parties with us will end up being an all-inclusive sightseeing trip and a luxury dinner experience blended in one! The night is heavenly, and your presence is a blessing!
  • You can personalize your dinner cruises Vancouver all you want. Our yacht rental staff is always up for the new changes and suggestions you bring, and will work hard to make your dream cruise come true.

Affordable Vancouver Yacht Party Options

It is true that dinner cruises in a magnificent city like Vancouver can be pricey, but Vancouver Yacht Charters has amazing deals and affordable menus to offer. Our small yacht parties Vancouver are specially designed to stay within a budget. With the additions and exclusions you can do to our small party boat rental packages, you can get a more flexible service.

Enjoy Big On A Small Dinner Cruise

Just because you are on a small party dinner cruise does not mean the fun will be any less. Enjoy a starlit evening with high end facilities, luxury seating and delicious food with your favorite small group. New suggestions and preferences are most welcome for discussion, and our dinner cruises Vancouver will reflect your idea of a perfect celebration.

Give Vancouver Yacht Charters a call right now and reserve your own dinner cruise with everything you need. It is always possible to find an excuse for a party! Channel your love of partying into uniquely alluring dinner cruises, and give yourself and your loved ones an unforgettable treat.

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