Ideas For Dinner Cruise Parties

Dinner Cruise Party Ideas

Is it your turn to organize this year’s dinner party for your company? If so, you are in the right place. We know the stress and worry that comes with organizing an annual event that appeases everyone, which is why we are about to tell you all about the ideal ways to organize a company dinner party in Vancouver. You will surely be able to blow your colleagues’ minds away this year by doing something unique instead of going with the norm.

Five Tips That Can Make A Company Party Progress From A Good Event To A Great Event

1. Plan For An Unforgettable Start And End

Commencing the Dinner party in the right mood and concluding it in a monumental adjournment is essential. This is because your guests need to walk into a pleasing environment, and they need to walk out satisfied. If the former does not happen, your guests will more likely be in a monotonous mood throughout the party, whereas if the latter does not occur, all your efforts will go in vain due to the unappealing end. 

As one of the leading Vancouver yacht rentals, we are happy to say that hosting the dinner event in an exciting venue like in a dinner cruise should be an ideal way to start. You can look for a place that would enthrall your guests while also allowing you to create an intimate atmosphere that would suit your company culture. 

Moreover, make sure that your guests can arrive without any hassle. Have top management members in the cruise dinner party receive your partners, clients, and employees. More importantly, keep the drinks and finger food flowing from the minute people walk in! If possible, give your guests a few options for drinks and food from which they can choose according to their preference! However, do not leave any of your guests unattended.

A toast for your guests appreciating their effort, followed by a dinner party bag or a small memento, will be an ideal touch for the event’s conclusion. Do not forget to check whether all your guests have safe means of travelling to their destination. 

2. Food is PIVOTAL

We are pretty sure that it would not come as a surprise when we tell you that food can make or break your dinner cruise party. Beware of the diverse dietary needs! While some may happily eat without any restrictions, there could be many people who are allergic to various food items or avoid specific food constituents. As a host, it is your duty to make sure that your guests have at least one option to fit their dietary requirements. 

If the meals are going to be plated in your party, do inform your caterers in advance with regard to the diverse dishes your guests may need. Else, if it is going to be a buffet or cocktail party, have a spread of dishes that satisfies all dietary needs. But make sure that your caterers have labelled the food items, along with any special constituents, in an identifiable manner (vegan – VG, nut-free – NF, dairy-free – DF, vegetarian – V) so that your guests will have no trouble in figuring out what is what. 

3. Serve Signature Beverages That Suit The Season

Seasonal beverages can play a huge role in parties. May it be alcoholic, or non-alcoholic, you can come up with a diverse yet unique range of beverages that you can entertain your guests with. You can choose between traditional beverages such as orange liqueur or even varying novel concoctions such as spiced cider. At the end of the day, the goal is to serve your guests something that they can savor.

Vancouver Dinner Cruise Venue

4. Plan For Fun Activities

Fun activities can be an interesting way of getting everyone to mingle. Especially the quiet ones that keep to themselves. So do not forget to organize a few activities that will encourage team-work, communication, and laughter. As a pioneer of dinner cruise rentals in Vancouver, we always encourage our customers to get their dinner cruise packing list ready in advance.

Music and dance is a popular way to break the ice as well. It will set a joyful ambiance for your cruise dinner party from the very beginning. A lively photo booth and gift swapping can also help hype up your event proceedings.

5. Why Is Vancouver Yacht Charters A Great Idea To Host Your Company Party?

Vancouver Yacht Charters is one of the most sought-after yacht charters in town with a rich history of excellent services spanning over the years. The cozy ambiance, intimate feeling, and gorgeous natural background provided by a yacht put together with our customer-friendly crew provide an ideal venue to host your company dinner party. Even better, we have our very own skilled chef who excels in whipping up fresh and diverse cuisines for your dinner. We are also extremely flexible with our service packages, and we are more than happy to entertain your likes and desires.

Therefore, do visit us at Vancouver Yacht Charters for your party needs. Our unique, reliable, and affordable Vancouver yacht rentals will surely impress you.

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