How to Charter your Special Event Party Boat or Dinner Cruise

Special Event Party Boat

Vancouver Yacht Charters will walk you through the process as a leader in yacht party rentals in the area. First and foremost, nothing is worse than an extravagant event that will cost you more than you are ready to spend. Saving money and renting a dining cruise does not seem to go hand in hand, but we have made the impossible, possible!

There are plenty of ways you could sail with Vancouver Yacht Charters without burning a hole in your pocket. The flexible packages are designed to charge per head, reducing a bunch of unnecessary costs. There is an endless list of customizable choices for each dining cruise, allowing you to choose within a budget. Your expenses can fluctuate from the choices you make of food and drinks to live music and entertainment.

The number of guests you desire to bring is totally a choice up to you, but there are specific rules and regulations every yacht rental service must abide by. The magnitude of the crowd decides the size of the boat that will host them. As for our dinner cruises Vancouver, you can have up to a hundred guests on board, with yet a guaranteed satisfaction that will be individually delivered. Instead of booking a boring restaurant in land for double the charges, you can engage in a much better experience than everyone will fall in love with.

That taken care of, the next most exciting topic will be food! It is necessary that your yacht party Vancouver will feature a mouthwatering buffet of food and delicacies that will be appropriate to the occasion and will be enjoyed by all. The best thing about a dining cruise hired at Vancouver Yacht Charters will be the array of food and beverage picks available. If you need a formal dinner to be served instead of a buffet, that can be arranged with all the grace and courtesy you wish to have.

Maybe you already know all of these. Perhaps what you don’t understand is how to choose what fits best.
If that is the case, you have landed on the right page. We will be your friendly guide, and help you choose the perfect dinner boat cruise in Vancouver BC.

Step By Step Guide to Book Yacht Party Rentals

  • Browse through our website, give us a call and pick your absolute favorites out of the boat cruise options.
  • Our amazing staff will help you organize the best yacht party Vancouver, suggesting the most convenient options of food, entertainment, themes and other specifics.
  • The suggestions will be completely compatible with your preferences!
  • Once you have decided to rent a yacht dinner Vancouver, it is time to meet with us, see your yacht, discuss the possibilities and arrange the perfect night out. From birthday parties to wedding dinners, we will manage any event you have in mind.
  • Make the necessary changes to the menu, and then you can make the deposit and expect the absolute best to happen.
  • Once the contract is signed, we will work our best to reserve the best spot in Vancouver, arrange the greatest live music, and take you on an unforgettable journey in a breathtaking cruise in the Pacific Ocean.
  • From the perfect Christmas dinner to an official corporate gathering, our yachts will provide the best luxurious experience you can possibly imagine. It is better to settle a date ahead of time if you are planning to hire a Christmas dinner boat cruise Vancouver, because they are in high demand once the season peaks.

We will need a Heads Up on,

  • The date and time
  • Number of guests
  • Event type – It could be birthday party yacht rental, wedding cruise, corporate yacht dinner, Bar Mitzvah, Celebration dinner, Christmas dinner, Sunset dinner cruise Vancouver etc.
  • Food preferences – Vegetarian options, desert, delicacies, hot beverages etc.
  • Bar Service – Open bar, cocktails, beer stands, wine

Selecting A Yacht

There is a wide range to choose from when it comes to having a yacht party. With every yacht rental, you will get to enjoy a picturesque view of the surrounding. The main cost, taxes and service charges will all be included in the estimate, leaving no space for unpleasant surprises later. Vancouver Yacht Charters specializes in catering to your customized requests, thus the dinner party will be what you need it to be.

Components of Expense

  • The cost of hiring the cruise (Dockage and fuel)
  • Food, drinks and entertainment
  • Taxes and service charges

Vancouver Yacht Charters is capable of organizing the yacht party in your dreams. It is not just a matter of hiring the first boat you see, but a matter of choosing the one closest to your ideal party on sea. Our yacht rental service is committed to making your dream come true.

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