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Christmas Party

Unique Company Christmas Party Ideas

Planning a Christmas party for the employees might not be the first thing on a company owner’s bucket list for the year. Little do they know how great experiences and fun events can encourage the workability, commitment and loyalty of employees. If you own a company, you know better than anyone else how extremely helpful your corporate group is. They are literally the backbone of your business. 

Drawing sales in is a fundamental goal indeed, but creating a healthy bond between the administration and the employees is equally important. Providing them with a fun opportunity from time to time is a very positive move. 

Instead of inviting them to a super expensive yet boringly conventional banquet, how about hiring a dinner cruise and inviting everyone on board? Christmas is just around the corner, making it even more exciting and seasonally appropriate to have a celebration!

Why Should You Rent A Yacht?

Out of the many venues there are, why is a luxury boat the best place to have your corporate Christmas party? The answers are quite obvious!

It’s Spacious But Personal

Don’t you just hate it when parties are too exposed, or when they are too stuffy? Sometimes, it is annoying when the party automatically divides into smaller disconnected groups of people. Vancouver Yacht Charters provides the perfect solution to this by introducing luxury yachts. With the capability of holding over 100 guests at a time, our yachts are the best option to entertain a big group without losing that touch of privacy.

We Come With The Decor

Planning a party is one thing; doing its decorations is another. Trying to DIY the decors can actually cost you double while hiring someone is pretty pricey too. Our yacht rental service comes with all-inclusive packages; décor, food, entertainment, and drinks. We feature classy designs and color themes that you will instantly fall in love with. If something just does not feel right, you can customize the décor and add your favourites.

A Menu To Die For

Everything goes with good food; it’s bananas. Right in the middle of the ocean where the icy winter breeze blows; freshly prepared, hot and aromatic mouthfuls of food is pure magic. Just reading the menu will get your taste buds tingly. We have a variety of dishes to choose from, each of which will be prepared on the spot by a talented, star-rated chef. 

Our Christmas dinner cruises feature some mouthwatering extras added to the usual menu. Crispy appetizers, juicy meat, delectable smoked salmon, steamy vegetables and special seasonal treats are only a very few of the many. Contact our team to know more about the fantastic menu we will prepare for you.

Vancouver Yacht Christmas Party

Personalize Your Experience

Let’s be honest, ordinary parties are boring because they are basically what everyone else does too. A unique experience would be something your whole company will remember forever. Vancouver Yacht Charters offers the option of customizing the sunset dinner cruises the way you want. Your company might have a certain tradition of celebrating events that you might like to retain. Maybe your employees requested certain features to be added.

With us, customization is totally possible. 

Let’s assume you need DJ instead of live music. You can have either, or you can have both!

When it comes to cocktail menus, you are free to request your favourites. Seasonal cocktails will be an attractive addition, while Christmas party carols, Secret Santa events, photo booths and other exciting activities can be arranged too. 

Any ideas you have are free to come through. We offer friendly, engaging services that prioritize your requirements over anything else. It is your convenience and choices that matter because this is a celebration that will bring your company stronger together.

Make It The Best Party Ever

Company events are mostly annual, and the guests will compare one party to another. It is always so satisfying to have organized the party that everyone loved best. 

Our dinner cruises Vancouver can exceed the expectations of everybody. Events on hotels, restaurants, houses, and lawns are almost completely cliché now. A yacht is a great surprise in itself, before your guests can dig into the delicacies and start enjoying the experience. Most of them may not have been in a boat ever before! Therefore; you will surely give everyone the time of their lives. 

The season of joy is waving at us already. Now is the best time to start planning your Christmas party event on a luxurious yacht. Vancouver Yacht Charters is already on top of the boat charter companies that are most sought for. Corporate yacht party rental is one of our niches that are always in high demand, especially in the winter months. Discounted packages are available up for grabs for a limited number of customers, so what are you waiting for?

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