Getting Married On A Cruise

Wedding on A Cruise

One of the major problems people face these days on their wedding days is the lack of excitement, shortage of beautiful locations, and the monotony that hovers above the entire ceremony all day long. An exciting alternative for the typical wedding setting is long needed but rarely given. What if you get to celebrate the joyous union of two hearts with the waves of the sea, joys of an island, tastes of gourmet cuisine, destinations of pure bliss, and the company of those that you love? One could ask for no more!

With a dash of nature, a touch of serenity, and a whole bunch of joy and love – wedding cruises are a dream that only a few get to realize. Vancouver Yacht Charters is here to make your prolonged dreams come true. Before we get started, here is all you have to know about our amazing Vancouver wedding cruises!

Are You A Cruise Wedding Person?

Cruise weddings are literally for everyone hoping to get married, but there are some things you need to be aware of. Vancouver wedding cruises are definitely not the extravagant and overpriced wedding ceremonies you will get at hotels. We dial down on the bling and add more simplicity to your wedding. If you are not a fan of elegant yet simple, breathtaking yet serene functions – Vancouver wedding cruises are not the thing for you.

The number of guests you are planning to have on board should be a significant concern too. Small guest lists can be perfectly coupled with wedding cruises Vancouver. If you do not need any guests at all, Vancouver Yacht Charters can work that out too, by organizing a safe, mystical getaway that will be better than any honeymoon.

What Will It Cost?

To say that weddings cost a fortune is an understatement. Weddings do cost more than every other celebration you had combined. A cruise wedding is the best way to cut off the extra cash you will be burning on land. A Vancouver yacht rental service is more moderately priced with a lot of unique options. The package will come with food, entertainment, music, dance, and drinks included – so that you will be able to keep better track of the expenses. Depending on your destinations, the prices may slightly. Nevertheless, we promise that we will walk you through the entire process without hassle!

What Happens In Cruise Weddings?

If you are new to the exciting world of cruise rental Vancouver, you probably need a walkthrough of what happens onboard. To be honest, your marriage, and the way it needs to happen is up to you to decide. Whether you need to get married on board, or on a destination, or on land is your decision to make; our crew will work hard to make it happen. Most of the time, our customers get married in their favorite places and bring the celebration and the after-party to our cruises later.

How Long Is A Wedding Cruise?

The duration of your wedding cruise is certainly one of the factors that increase the quality of your celebration. Once again, this is your choice to make. Some prefer to chill out on the wedding cruises in Vancouver for a few hours, while others love to hire a luxury yacht and sail for days. However, you want the experience to be, Vancouver Yacht Charters will make it happen.

Which Parts Of The Wedding Do We Cover?

With weddings on land, you are not even the couple anymore! You are just two extremely stressed out people trying to plan the work and work the plan.

Why a Vancouver wedding cruise is such a profitable deal for the client is because we cover most of the details on our own! Live music, DJ music, food, decorations, service crew, venues, and drinks will be included in our packages. This leaves you to only worry about what you are wearing and about sending out invites to your guests. Vancouver Yacht Charters will be the friendly wedding planner you wanted all along.

Are There Seasons To Avoid?

This depends on the mood you want to create! If you are in for summery beach vibes, you can book your wedding cruises in summer if you want your wedding to happen in the season of love, joy, and sharing – couple our Vancouver Christmas cruises with the dream wedding you have in mind.

Where Do We Take You?

As a Vancouver Yacht rental service that cruises towards the best out of Vancouver Islands, we have wonderful destinations like Bowen Island and Granville Island as your dream destination. Vancouver Yacht Charters strives to make every moment photo-worthy and memorable. For such an affordable price, our Vancouver wedding cruises will pleasantly surprise your guests and lure them into a world of pure joy.

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