How To Rent A Dinner Cruise With Vancouver Yacht Charters

Vancouver Dinner Cruises

Types of Vancouver Dinner Cruises

Dinner cruises have become increasingly popular in Vancouver. If you are wondering what all the hype is about, you need to get a pretty clear idea of what dinner cruises really are, and how they are the perfect choice for celebrating.
Dinner cruises not only celebrate moments, but it also celebrates what it means to live a life. Vancouver Yacht Charters has been organizing dinner cruises for over 30 years now, and the one thing every client has taught us is that this is an experience that reminds people of how flavorful it can really be. With our vast array of options and packages, Vancouver dinner cruises have stopped being a thing for the rich, and become an enticing luxury that everyone can afford.

Corporate Dinner Cruises

Dinners with colleagues and workmates need to be planned on point because each person has their preferences when it comes to dining, entertainment, and bonding. Vancouver dinner cruises for corporate events will be the best way to turn any boring evening into an exciting and adventurous expedition out in the sea. The caramel sunset will add to the elegance of our corporate dinner cruises, making the dinner preferable for everyone, regardless of which personal tastes they are biased towards.

Dinner Cruises Vancouver

Family Parties

Some of the most popular Vancouver dinner cruises are reserved for families. Be it a large family or a small one, Vancouver Yacht Charters organizes family parties for everyone. The greatest thing about hopping on board our dinner cruises with your family is that you get to spend some quality family time without disrupting your privacy. Our venues give you the most picturesque views of Vancouver city, which could be viewed from the deck with the cold wind blowing across your face.
Dinner cruises that are tailor-made for families also feature hand-picked, gourmet meals that will be served hot and fresh. The music and entertainment options will be decided by you as well, based on the mood you want to set. Also, families could be diverse. From your favorite loving grandma to the cute bundle of joy that recently joined – families need to be taken on dinner cruises with utmost responsibility for their safety. As a leading yacht rental service in Vancouver, Vancouver Yacht Charters is the ideal partner for family dinner cruises, as we focus on your safety equally as on merrymaking.

Dinner Cruises With Friends

Meeting with your friends is a timeless joy. The only thing you need to be concerned about is finding a yacht rental service that throws one hell of a party with a touch of sophistication and elegance. Vancouver Yacht Charters is exactly that.
Your favorite dinner cruises will be planned to precision with your favorite dance music, fun games, mouthwatering meals, and moonlit views. Dinner cruises are naturally illuminated by the clear skies and the dreamy lighting, while the tantalizing aroma of food being cooked fresh by our on board chef will get the party brewing. Your cutesy friends, edgy friends, sophisticated friends, childhood friends, high school friends, and fun-loving friends will all fit in. You name it. We’ve got it!

Dinner Cruises

What To Expect

  • Picturesque View – No kidding, the views in our dinner cruises Vancouver promise you 100% satisfaction. In cloudy nights and clear nights alike, the view from the deck will be as glamorous as ever. Against the veil of mystic darkness, bathed in a pool of light, our dinner cruises will glide safe and sound.
  • Gourmet Meals – Vancouver Yacht Charters is known for serving a downright otherworldly buffet with your favorite meals cooked fresh and served hot. The gourmet dining would make you feel nice and cozy, and the taste will bring back memories from your favorite home-cooked meals.
  • Professional and Friendly Staff – The staff here at Vancouver Yacht Charters believes that the key component of any successful cruise is the service towards the passengers. You are accompanied by the best cruise staff that will serve you with professionalism, warmth, and concern. From responding to your initial call or message to bringing you back from Granville Island – our staff does its duty fully and accurately.
  • Affordable Prices – The prices you will usually have to pay for any other cruise rental service will be high and unfair. At Vancouver Yacht Charters, we offer competitive prices with great production and service value. All-inclusive Vancouver dinner cruises will actually save your money because everything will be included, unlike in conventional parties in which food, music, entertainment, dance, transportation, and location have to be paid separately. Vancouver dinner cruises with us will be an excellent investment on your part.

Make sure you book your special dinner party cruise to enjoy all the bubbly excitement Granville Island has to offer. Vancouver Yacht Charters will not disappoint; never in a gazillion years.

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