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Party Boats Vancouver

Owning a yacht rental service is one hell of a challenge. The common misconceptions Vancouverites have of Vancouver yacht rentals are so deep-rooted that it is close to impossible to convince the true uniqueness and affordability of party boats to everyone who is in doubt. People are mostly concerned about the price rates, while some are in utter confusion as to which kinds of functions can be possibly held in a Vancouver party cruise. It is a lesser-known truth that Vancouver cruises cost way less than one wants them to be. Most people are also not completely aware of the number of options a Vancouver party cruise comes with. Therefore it will be useful to make heads and tails of what you are getting into, before you hire Vancouver cruises.

What Can You Celebrate on a Vancouver Party Cruise?

Almost anything! The most popular events we host at Vancouver Yacht Charters include birthday cruises, wedding cruises, dinner cruises, Christmas cruises and corporate party cruises. Even though the former concepts are quite familiar to you, corporate events in Vancouver cruises might come off as a bit surprising. Speaking or corporate cruises in Vancouver, we do not restrict our party boats to one frame or style. In other words, you can opt to have networking events, friendly gatherings, training sessions, meetings, client appreciation parties, holiday parties for the staff or any other sort of corporate event you wish to arrange at an affordable cost.

How Many Can Hop On Board?

There are many Vancouver yacht rental services out there that stock up to five hundred individuals at once. After all, you are paying for a luxurious party, not a crowded pandemonium! To avoid discomfort, higher cost and inconvenient seating and dining – we at Vancouver Yacht Charters only accommodate 100 people maximum in our party cruises. This enables everyone to feel at home inside the super luxurious cruise, and to enjoy a fair share of the delicacies, views and all the fun. Enjoying the sunset, watching the stars pop out one by one in the twilight and laughing around with your friends and family are all experiences that are better felt in lesser company. We limit our Vancouver cruises to a hundred people to bring you this experience of optimum luxury and joy.

Corporate Dinner Cruise

How to Plan Your Corporate Party Cruise

The choices are all yours to make right here. Depending on the guests who will attend, everything starting from the menus to entertainment activities, music and decoration will change. You can discuss with experienced boat rental professionals to make the appropriate choices. It is never too early to start planning your party. A corporate party usually needs a conservative list of choices, because you will be inviting either your staff or your clients. It is always recommended to book an evening of a clear day when everyone is happy to deviate from work a little bit and enjoy a beautiful evening on a luxury cruise.

How to Theme Your Party

A corporate party can be effectively arranged to deliver certain messages to your clients. Promoting your company or brand can be done by creating a themed function out of your brand name or logo. More details about conceptualizing corporate party themes can be obtained from our experts at Vancouver Yacht Charters. It is always nice to include a subtle indication of who hosts the party and why. The exhilarating experience in our magnificent boats will make them remember the evening for long, and the theme you featured will also be remembered. Make sure you do not overdo your theme because that would come off as unnecessarily needy and desperate.

How Much Does a Vancouver Corporate Party Cruise Cost?

Hearing the cost of our Vancouver cruises, you will start to wonder why you did not hire a cruise rental service any sooner. Unlike many party boats Vancouver that overcharge and gives a service, not at all satisfactory, Vancouver Yacht Charters stands out as the leading provider of affordable yachts for any occasion. A Vancouver dinner cruise for corporate events usually costs around CAD 69.99 per person. We also have several excellent party cruise packages to pick from, each of them specifically designed to fit your budget. The customizable options in the packages offer you fluidity to mix and match your favorite things. Just because we are reasonably priced does not mar our excellence as a top-notch supplier of Vancouver cruises. We are very considerate of giving the customers one of the best experiences they have ever had in life. As our maximum passenger count is a hundred, you will get to cut off all of your unwanted expenses. At Vancouver Yacht Charters, we guarantee that the price you pay will be completely worth it.

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