Anniversary Dinners on a Cruise
A wedding anniversary is an absolutely wonderful milestone in a person’s life as it is a celebration of the years you’ve spent together with your partner and a day of honouring what is to come. Therefore, we understand your need to do something beautiful for you and your spouse, regardless of whether it is your...
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Reasons To Have Yacht Parties
Choose A Yacht Party For a party to be a hit, it needs a bit of glamour, joy, comfort, and grandeur. More importantly, a party needs to leave an unforgettable memory on its guests’ minds. But to accomplish that, you need to step away from the norm and give your guests a once in a...
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Special Event Party Boat
Vancouver Yacht Charters will walk you through the process as a leader in yacht party rentals in the area. First and foremost, nothing is worse than an extravagant event that will cost you more than you are ready to spend. Saving money and renting a dining cruise does not seem to go hand in hand,...
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Dinner Cruise Party Ideas
Is it your turn to organize this year’s dinner party for your company? If so, you are in the right place. We know the stress and worry that comes with organizing an annual event that appeases everyone, which is why we are about to tell you all about the ideal ways to organize a company...
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Corporate Dinner Cruises Vancouver
Tired of the old fashioned parties on land? Bring your next company gathering to a grandeur yacht, cruising amidst the blissful waves of the ocean. Our company offers exquisite corporate dinner parties to amaze your prospective stakeholders, enhance your staff members’ enthusiasm, and create an exotic yet homely experience for the passengers. With a breathtaking...
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Cruise Dinners Vancouver
Vancouver dinner cruises are an easy-going affair that is not tied up with many formalities. However, certain standards need to be met when dining on a yacht dinner. The following are a few such tips that would enhance your dining experience while maintaining the appropriate standards. 1. Always be there on time When it comes...
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Private Yacht Party Vancouver
Are you tired of hosting and attending parties repeatedly happening in the same venue? Are you looking for ways to spice up your time with unique approaches? If so, do look into private yacht dinner parties in Vancouver. Because they are not only a splendid way of partying but also a very novel and exciting...
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When it comes to Vancouver dinner cruises, you may be presented with several options for dining, i.e., the buffet option, the option to make a reservation at a specialty restaurant, and the option to eat at the main dining room. If you choose to go ahead with the buffet or the specialty restaurant, the dining...
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Birthday Party Cruises Vancouver Yacht Charters
Rent A Yacht This Birthday God knows how many more birthdays you are going to have, and how many of them you are going to spend growing old in a house. Time to put an end to boring birthdays. What do you say to a uniquely exciting birthday party cruise in Vancouver? Rent a yacht...
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Wedding on A Cruise
One of the major problems people face these days on their wedding days is the lack of excitement, shortage of beautiful locations, and the monotony that hovers above the entire ceremony all day long. An exciting alternative for the typical wedding setting is long needed but rarely given. What if you get to celebrate the...
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