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Burials At Sea With Vancouver Yacht Charters

There is nothing worse than losing a loved one. Death is inevitable, and the loss that follows is irreplaceable.
From the very beginning of the world, people were cherished in memory even after they are gone. Ancient Egyptian mummies are enough evidence of how the physical remains of people were preserved as well, let alone the memory. However, burying human remains and ashes at sea is a practice that had been there over the course of centuries. The early 11th-century epic poem Beowulf dates sea burials back to the 6th century. India’s Ganges river hides a thousand stories in the water. There is a mystic charm to the idea of sea burials. Everyone who loses a loved one would love to bury the ashes and remains of him/her in the tranquility of blue waves, far away in the sea.

Sea Burials with Vancouver Cruises

Many think that a sea burial is a luxury only the highly privileged and rich people can afford. This is a myth, and our Vancouver cruise rental service is ready to debunk it.

Sea burials are available for everyone now with Vancouver Yacht Charters. We are happy to announce that you can now join our Vancouver cruises in the memory of the beloved, and bury his ashes in the ocean. Sea burials at Vancouver Yacht Charters are supervised, legal, and fully authorized. As a Vancouver cruise rental service that handles sea burial ceremonies to be environmentally friendly, we follow some basic rules in all our memorials.

All our Vancouver cruises that host sea burials sail no longer than three nautical miles from land. Water is usually 500ft – 600ft deep in this distance, which is ideal because the remains will sink deep and hug the bottom quickly.

Our memorial service inside the Vancouver yachts will take place calmly, serenely, and without any disturbance. Everything will be smooth, brief, and reassuring. You can decide how to spend your time in the memorial, maybe by customizing the choices according to the departed person’s favorite things.

Every flower and every wreath you will throw into the ocean will be decomposable so that no environmental risks will occur. Fresh flowers will reduce health risks because fish will chew on plastic flowers and get sick.

Make It Special

It is not every day that you get to reserve for a special someone who is no longer there. So when you do it, be sure to make it special. Vancouver Yacht Charters has given you a golden opportunity of customizing the memorial cruises the way you need. It is always better to keep things simple and elegant, with a few flowers that can easily be sent away with the ashes. Not everyone gets to arrange a special sea burial for their dear departed, which is why this opportunity given by Vancouver Yacht Charters is a way of managing your grief better by doing something really nice.

How it Works

Vancouver Yacht Charters is known for organizing cruise trips for weddings, special occasions, and parties. Sea burials may sound like something we are not so famous doing. Nevertheless, our Vancouver cruise rental service has years of experience organizing and managing memorial services in Sea. The procedure you need to follow is simple, and we will get the memorial Vancouver cruises arranged for you just in time.

First, you have to contact Vancouver Yacht Rentals and explain to us the type of service you need. Our Vancouver cruises are capable of hosting big parties as well as small gatherings. This is why we are able to cater to your needs in the loss of a loved one, the same way we will do on any other occasion.

Call Us Now

Vancouver cruises with our company have always been the favorite getaway for many people. As an experienced Vancouver cruise rental service, we are ready to help you in times of crisis as well as in times of happiness. This is why sea burials with Vancouver Yacht Charters have become increasingly popular over these years.

There is nothing better than being able to remember your departed companions each time you look at the sea. A sea burial would make his/her presence in your heart immortal, no matter where you go and what you do. Our Vancouver cruises are specially designed to offer luxury and comfort to the passengers, and you will never once feel bad for joining us to say goodbye to the deceased. Vancouver Yacht Charters is just one call away.

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