8 Special Ways To Celebrate On Anniversary Cruises

Anniversary Dinners on a Cruise

A wedding anniversary is an absolutely wonderful milestone in a person’s life as it is a celebration of the years you’ve spent together with your partner and a day of honouring what is to come. Therefore, we understand your need to do something beautiful for you and your spouse, regardless of whether it is your first or your fiftieth anniversary. 

This is why we have put together 8 amazing ways through which you can celebrate your wedding anniversary the extravagant way – on dinner cruises. Whether you want it to be a private intimate celebration, a full-blown party, or a family celebration, there are multiple ways through which we can accommodate your needs and wishes. Let us take a look.

Renew Your Wedding Vows On Board A Yacht

Renewing your vows on your anniversary is one of the most heartfelt ways of celebrating your years together. After all, you get to look in the eyes of your partner and promise them that you will do it all over again. Hence, our yacht charters have put together attractive vow renewal packages that include quite exquisite features, priced at reasonable amounts. You can even opt for a dinner cruise Vancouver, where you can invite your closest family and friends to witness your commitment all over again.

Festoon The Yacht To Match The Mood

Nothing says celebration as much as decorations do. This is why you are given the option of adding colour to the beautiful natural backdrop for your anniversary Vancouver dinner cruise. You can bring your own decorations or even choose to go ahead with what the yacht charters offer with their anniversary celebration packages. At the end of the day, the choices are all yours!

However, if you are bringing your own decorations on board, do make sure that you check on the charter service’s regulations and policies with regard to the decorations that are allowed on the vessel.

Book A Private Suite All For Yourself

An anniversary comes only once a year. If it is a milestone anniversary, well then it is more rare. So why not spend a bit and upgrade to a suite for the special night? You will be able to enjoy a cozy celebration with additional privileges you are entitled to through the suite. Also, do make sure that the crew knows that it is your anniversary. Chances are, you will be in for plenty of pleasant surprises that they put together to beautify your night.

Look Into Activities That The Two Of You Can Enjoy

When it comes to dinner cruises Vancouver, it is not only about the meal. As one of the leading Vancouver yacht rentals, our yacht charters offer a multitude of other activities that you can enjoy with your spouse on the day of your celebrations. Ranging from a personal butler whose presence you would not even notice unless he is serving you meals, to couple’s massages and thalassotherapy pools, there are a number of amazing activities that you can book for the night.

Enjoy An Intimate Dining Experience

Sunset dinner cruises are an ideal way of stepping out of the box and doing something unique for your partner. It does not even have to be your anniversary, it can be just another day where you want to tell your partner that you appreciate their presence in your life.

Moreover, there are several alternatives when it comes to boat dinner cruises as well. You can choose between options such as a specialty restaurant dinner, dining on the balcony, or even ordering room service to your private suite. Pacific ocean is one of the best spots in Vancouver for this kind of celebration. 

Do Not Forget The Pictures

Imagine all the splendid photographs you can capture during a sunset cruise? At the end of the day, these photographs are the treasures that you get to take home with you. So do not forget to plan for your personal photography session while on your boat cruise dinner. You can bring your own devices and capture the heartfelt moments, or you can hire the services of a professional photographer for the night. Most yacht services have their own photographers on board, whose services you can consider to make sure that none of your special moments go unnoticed. 

Invite The Closest And Dearest

If you want to invite your immediate family and friends to celebrate your anniversary with you, cruises for dinner in Vancouver are ideal with live music. You will be able to give them a unique experience while also focusing on the commemoration at hand. After all, you can even choose to enjoy a meal with them and then return to a private suite booked just for the two of you.

Recreate Your Wedding And Honeymoon Moments

If you tied the knot or honeymooned in a location accessible through a yacht, do not forget to go back and recreate those special moments. Because no matter what, these photos are an amazing way of living and reminiscing memories no matter where you are.

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