7 Life Events That Call For A Cruise Celebration

Life Events That Call For A Cruise Celebration

Cruises are an ideal way to step out of the norm when celebrating different milestones and achievements of your life. Our Vancouver yacht charters are well known for making such events elegant and memorable regardless of what you are celebrating and who is celebrating with you. If you are in the lookout for exquisite venues for celebrations, the following list of events that can be hosted on a yacht should be quite helpful in your decision making.

Birthday Parties

You do not have to achieve something great to celebrate on a cruise. As a birthday party yacht rentals, our yacht charters are more than prepared to celebrate your birthdays on board so that you could enjoy a night out on the waters with all the attention to yourself. Let it be a sweet sixteen or a whopping half-century, your birthday deserves to be celebrated with all the glamour that dinner cruises bring. 

You have a wide range of packages from which you can choose for your celebrations. May it be a private party with only your partner and kids, or may it be a full-blown themed party with all your friends and family, our yachts rental Vancouver is more than capable to accommodate your heart’s desire. 

Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties

What better way to say good-bye to your single life than a dinner cruise Vancouver. You can take a break from the city hassle and celebrate your bachelor and bachelorette parties out in the ocean with all your friends. Even better, you can set sail for a few days and extend one night’s partying to an entire weekend even. After all, look at the level of convenience. Food and beverages, music, accommodation, it is all in one place.


Regardless of whether it is a family reunion, a college reunion, or even a high school reunion, a Vancouver dinner cruise is an ideal way to let go of the formalities and mingle with the crowd. All the participants will be able to walk around freely throughout the event and catch up with the others, unlike in restaurants and banquet halls where you are restricted by the setup. 

Moreover, the guests can even bring their families, including the kids. There are more than enough distractions to keep them occupied. Besides, some vessels also offer babysitting services and onboard clubs for teens. Do not worry, continuous adult supervision is a given! 

Wedding Cruises

To those who are about to get married, can you think of a better wedding dinner option than a dinner cruise wedding? With all the calm, natural beauty, and intimacy? We are quite certain that the experience is yet to be comparable!
Wedding cruises are ideal for those who are in for the romance, but also for those who are in for the adventure. From rose petals and exquisite meals to diving and snorkelling, there is so much you can do during your wedding if you opt for a wedding dinner cruise. 


Anniversaries MUST be celebrated without a doubt! Regardless of whether it is a wedding anniversary or a work anniversary, you successfully completed another year – and that definitely calls for a party. So what better way to celebrate anniversaries than by hosting celebratory dinner cruises? You can surely have a unique and remarkable night out with everything around you pointing towards all the achievements you owned through hard work, sacrifice and dedication. 


School and college are hard work. Well, even kindergarten is. So if you want to celebrate someone’s graduation, a sunset dinner cruise is an ideal way to appreciate them. Let it be a small gathering with the closest friends and family or even a big celebration, our vessels are more than capable to accommodate you all. After all the hard work, you can sit back and relax with the right people.


People perceive retirement in different ways. While some may consider it as freedom, others may consider it a sad moment of leaving their second home behind. Either way, a dinner cruise Vancouver is an amazing way to take a step back, relax, and reminisce. You can make a booking for yourself and set out in the ocean to take a walk down the memory lane, or you can throw a glamorous party for your friends and family. You can even take a complete break from the real world, and spend a few days out in the water with your spouse.

Like we always say, the choices are all yours!

Therefore, for any of your celebratory needs, do visit us for any inquiries and clarifications. Our years of experience by renting yachts in Vancouver, we will ensure that you and your guests get the best of experiences with unforgettable memories to take home. Because we do understand that all these celebrations have a paramount value that cannot be left unnoticed. 

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