June 2020
Yacht Wedding
Yacht Weddings: Perks And Checklist Every day is not your wedding day. Therefore anyone try to make it so special and a yacht wedding is a good way for that.No matter how long you live, a wedding is a unique occasion; thus should be treated like one. Due to the noteworthy value of a wedding,...
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What To Wear To Dinner Cruise Parties
What is more exciting than joining a dinner party? Joining a dinner cruise, of course!Vancouver Yacht Charters is a pioneering supplier of awesomely enriching yacht rentals Vancouver for everyone. Make your best moments extra special with a magnificent dining cruise, easily gettable now with reduced rates and great benefits.Wait a minute. What exactly are you...
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Life Events That Call For A Cruise Celebration
Cruises are an ideal way to step out of the norm when celebrating different milestones and achievements of your life. Our Vancouver yacht charters are well known for making such events elegant and memorable regardless of what you are celebrating and who is celebrating with you. If you are in the lookout for exquisite venues...
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Anniversary Dinners on a Cruise
A wedding anniversary is an absolutely wonderful milestone in a person’s life as it is a celebration of the years you’ve spent together with your partner and a day of honouring what is to come. Therefore, we understand your need to do something beautiful for you and your spouse, regardless of whether it is your...
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Reasons To Have Yacht Parties
Choose A Yacht Party For a party to be a hit, it needs a bit of glamour, joy, comfort, and grandeur. More importantly, a party needs to leave an unforgettable memory on its guests’ minds. But to accomplish that, you need to step away from the norm and give your guests a once in a...
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Special Event Party Boat
Vancouver Yacht Charters will walk you through the process as a leader in yacht party rentals in the area. First and foremost, nothing is worse than an extravagant event that will cost you more than you are ready to spend. Saving money and renting a dining cruise does not seem to go hand in hand,...
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