10 Myths About Wedding Cruises

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People are getting competitively creative with their wedding venues as everyone wants their guests to have a unique memory to take home with them. A wedding cruise is one such creative venue that more and more people look into nowadays. It allows people to give their guests the same experience as of a banquet wedding with the added luxury of a scenic view surrounding the harbor.

However, society still shies away by the concept of yacht weddings due to several misconceptions. 

Let’s take a look at several such popular misconceptions:

You All Will Be Seasick

This is one of the main mistakes that people use as a reason to avoid a wedding cruise. But, what you’re unaware of is that the yachts are usually stationed and moved along in very close proximity to the harbor. Thus, the yacht is subjected to a very smooth sail with almost no ripple effects, and even if there were tiny waves, given the size of the yachts, you or your guests would not even notice them. 

It’s More Expensive Than a Banquet Wedding

An average wedding in Canada costs nearly $29,450 according to weddingwire.ca, and a yacht wedding can be planned to fit such a budget with ease at Vancouver Yacht Charters. You can fulfill your desires without added expenses since other costs such as flowers and background decoration expenses can be cut down due to the natural scenic beauty a yacht wedding offers. 

No Children Allowed

Unless they are not invited to the wedding, you can always take your kids for a wedding cruise without a problem. Except for the usual eye you keep on your children as elders, they will be equally safe and sound as in a banquet wedding. After all, they would enjoy the scenic beauty and the excitement more than the adults!

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No Religious Ceremonies Allowed

We are perfectly capable of organizing any religious ceremony according to your faith, like in any other venue. We can organize ceremonies ranging from traditional customary celebrations to religious wedding proceedings to full out modern ceremonies. You even have the option of letting the captain marry you off in a dramatic naval wedding ceremony or bring your own officials. 

The Wedding Proceeding Will be Overlooked

Another misconception about wedding cruises is that the guests will overlook the wedding proceedings and be more fascinated by the yacht experience. However, this belief dismisses the fact that the yacht experience and the picturesque scenery would, in fact, be its own natural decoration for the wedding proceedings on which the guests would be focused. 

Therefore, do not fear. You can have an intimate ceremony with a limited number of people you love, who would be there with you throughout the entire celebration.

Not Friendly For The Differently-abled

All yachts may not be handicap friendly. But our yachts at Vancouver Yacht Charters are accommodated to entertain differently-abled people without a hassle. Our goal is to provide everyone a chance to have an amazing experience on your special day. So you do not have to worry about your elderly or differently-abled family and friends missing out on your day. 

No Delays

Your guests would want to look absolutely elegant for your wedding cruise, which is understandable. So if needed, we can delay the departure of the yacht for your friends and family according to your request or leave the dock as planned on time. 

It is your day, after all. You get to make the decision!

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You’re Stuck. What Do You Do In Case Of An Emergency?

You have many options to exercise in case of an emergency. Our yachts are capable of docking at the harbor even before the allocated time schedule if the bridal or groom parties need to make any sudden changes.

Moreover, we have lifeguards available at all times, gondola services, and even the water ambulances, similar to our normal emergency health services, ready and prepared in case of emergency. 

Has a Specific Attire

It is a common myth that wedding cruises have specific attire mostly for safety purposes. People assume that they should wear safer shoes, non-slippery or flats, or even warm clothing to protect themselves from the sea breezes.

But this is not true. Your guests can dress as fancy as they want, like for any other wedding ceremony they would attend. High heels or not, warm clothing or not, your guests are going to be absolutely comfortable on our yachts.

Your cruise would be smooth sailing, and your guests would not even notice the movement of the yacht during the ceremony. 

If it Rains Everything Will be Ruined

The rains are another fear factor for most of the people. However, all of our yachts at Vancouver Yacht Charters are fully enclosed, ensuring that your ceremony would proceed smoothly despite the weather outside. You can just sit back and enjoy the ceremony despite it being a sunny day or a rainy day.

As mentioned above, all you need to do is take a chance, and you would not have any regrets! You can give your guests a wonderful, mind-blowing, unique experience, and they will always reminisce about your wedding with wonder.

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